Near Death Experience

Written September 30, 2012

I almost died once. It didn’t exactly happen like they portray it in the movies, though. I was at a concert with my cousin, Alicia. We must’ve been in high school still, maybe fourteen and fifteen. She lived in Pleasanton, California with her mom and I went to stay there for the weekend. There was a local band playing that we wanted to see. We walked from her mom’s house around the corner to a community center where the event was happening. We drank and smoked before entering the show, and then the fun began. We were crowd surfing, moshing, and all that other fun stuff that kids do at punk shows. I remember a guy crowd surfing once and when he got to me there weren’t any people around me to help hold him up, so we fell. We jumped up, laughed, and went on enjoying the show.

Sometimes at punk shows, the crowd begins to sway back and forth. In other concerts I’ve lost a shoe, fallen, gotten stepped on, and even had my hair stepped on preventing me from getting up. I was on the edge of a mosh pit, but more in the crowd where it was swaying when it happened. It was a simple act; I tripped on someone else’s foot. However, this time when I landed on the ground I felt a foot being shoved into my face. I was laying on my right side; my right arm was twisted backward underneath me. At first, I could only smell dirty rubber from the foot in my face. I soon realized I couldn’t breathe. I don’t know how many times I tried to take breaths, really fast in a panic, but it couldn’t have been more than two or three. Although I was not aware or paying attention to it, there also must’ve been at least five people piled on top of me. My focus was on my breathing.

After the first few panicked breaths, I felt a calm rush over me. My life didn’t flash before my eyes and I didn’t think of all the people who I was going to miss. I simply thought to myself: This is it. I’m gonna die. And I felt peaceful. I was ready. All of a sudden, the foot lifted from my face. It was like breathing life for the first time. I was in such shock that I was breathing and alive, I didn’t even notice the guy standing above me offering his hand to help me up. Finally, I saw him and pulled myself up. Full of excitement and on the high of life, I ran to tell my cousin the awesome story of what’d just happened.