Food Pantry Meals


Over the years I’ve known many families struggling to make ends meet. As a parent who has struggled in the past, I understand what it’s like to not know how you’re going to make it through the month. It’s one of the worst feelings I’ve ever felt, not knowing how I will feed my kids. Food pantries are a great resource to help keep food on the table. My mom lives on a very fixed and limited income. She relies on her weekly trips to the local food pantry. She’s also great at making a delicious meal from what she has. She is my inspiration for this page. Each post will look at ordinary items that you might pick up from your local food pantry, and all the different ways that you can use them.

Even if you don’t get your groceries at a pantry, you can still benefit from this page. Use them to learn how to use the items you have and limit your grocery spending. If you’re not struggling to pay your bills, you can still practice saving your spending and do something else with the extra cash. Give to charity (your local food pantry is a good choice!), save for your next trip, or just save it up to pay off some debt!

Pantry Meal Ideas:

January 12, 2017